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Training, Development, & Meeting Facilitators

Our Approach

The word 'facilitation' comes from 'facilis' which is Latin for 'to make things easy.' We are in the business of making teamwork, communication, and learning easier.


Our approach to facilitation is illustrated by the word 'evoke,' which means 'to elicit or draw forth; to bring or recall to the conscious mind.' In other words, our solutions leverage your strengths, knowledge, and experience.


Whether you're looking for custom training programs, management consulting, or assistance with a unique issue your organization is facing, we're here to help.

Business Facilitators

Our Services

facilitation course

Facilitation Essentials

Today's business environment requires continuous learning and rapid development. Consequently, it is critical to train facilitators throughout an organization to guide, teach, and upskill their peers.


After our sessions, facilitators return to the job confident and invigorated, with new processes, tools, and techniques to engage their audience in transformative learning.

custom training program

Designing and Facilitating Custom Training Programs

Evoke can help you to develop and design training programs informed by foundational theories that meet a variety of learner needs with measurable ROI and expectation.


Our custom programs do more than just check the proverbial box. They will help you enable stronger individual employees, teams, performance, and, ultimately, outcomes.

10.	Virtual meeting facilitation training

Redesigning Learning Experiences for Virtual Environments

Organizations that can deliver training successfully via an online platform can engage participants as effectively as their in-person experience and raise the performance exponentially.


We have the expertise and experience to transform your training programs to any virtual or online platform. Let us work with you to redesign your learning experience for our new normal.

leadership training toronto

Management Consulting

Any cohesive leadership team needs to have the right tools and approaches at hand to ensure that they can manage efficiently and lead their teams to success.


We provide a range of facilitated offerings that will support your critical leadership skills to help you meet your goals and develop your team.

board governance training

Strengthening Board Governance

Governance is a critical and often overlooked aspect of how organizations set direction and provide oversight. Research has shown that high performing Boards have a direct impact on the overall performance of an organization.


We have over 20 years of expertise and experience working with Boards of Directors to ensure that they have the right tools, approaches, and culture to perform at a higher level.

team building facilitator

Team Building

Harvard Business Review relates that today's teams are more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic than ever before. Nevertheless, successful group collaboration still hinges on a core set of fundamentals, including trust, respect, and mutual accountability.


We empower your employees to move from individual contributors to a cohesive and high functioning team.

Professional Facilitators



Does your organization have a gap in performance, understanding, or specific skills? Is something just not clicking?


We can help you understand and address the issue.

We determine and address your needs to achieve your desired outcome. We can facilitate strategic planning sessions, organizational development initiatives and training programs. We do this using true collaborative approaches—incorporating your needs and experiences into responsive design and delivery based on proven frameworks.


The results are transformative. Your teams will work together more effectively through the development of each person's training, processes, planning, and interpersonal skills. We'll even help evaluate your ROI from improved individual, team, and organizational performance.

With over 20 years of team facilitation experience each, Bindi and Quintin enhance each other's strength and experience, and continuously seek to learn and implement new tools. Together, they teach the Masters Certificate in Facilitating Learning Program at the Institute for Performance and Learning, the Canadian professional body for training and development professionals. They have taught learner centred facilitation skills and techniques to trainers and HR professionals working in corporate, public and non-profit sectors.


For Bindi and Quintin, it's about people—teaching them to work together so effectively it makes a difference in their lives. It's time to make things easier for you and your organization. Get in touch today!

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Bindi Doshi Tatla

Principal Consultant & Co-founder


Quintin Fox

Principal Consultant & Co-Founder

good facilitation

Team Facilitator Reviews



"Bindi and Quintin have demonstrated professionalism, dynamism and best in class facilitation delivery in every training session I and my team have attended. They are master facilitators, possessing a keen understanding of classroom dynamics and constantly seek to meet the needs of adult learners. They are passionate about their craft and have shared many impactful facilitation tools and techniques with myself and my team."

- Director, Enterprise Facilitation Centre of Excellence,

RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)

workshop facilitation

Team, Workshop, & Meeting Facilitators

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