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Facilitation Essentials

Designing and Facilitating Custom Training Programs

Redesigning Learning Experiences for Virtual Environments

Management Consulting

Strengthening Board Governance

Team Building

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Learn the Skills of a Facilitator

Facilitation Essentials

Service 1

Today's business environment requires continuous learning and rapid development. The trainers in your organization are responsible for guiding, teaching, and upskilling their peers, but who is training them?


Usually, no one. It's no wonder professional trainers struggle to maintain engagement, enable rich discussions, or manage the dynamics of the group to create meaningful activity.


evoke has decades of experience in "facilitating facilitators." We deliver compelling sessions to facilitators of all experience levels, resulting in benefits, such as:

  • Equipping facilitators with new education processes, tools, and techniques

  • Empowering trainers with confidence and invigoration

  • Enabling synchronous and transformative learning


How It Works:


Talk to us about what you’re noticing. We will create a custom solution to help close the gap. We’re here to help.

Service 2
design training program

Develop Training Programs

Designing and Facilitating Custom Training Programs

Competitive organizations don't just train their employees in the foundational skills required for day-to-day operations. They make workers accountable to the behavioural, critical core competencies that speak to who they are and what they stand for.


Whether your training recognizes mental health and resiliency, implicit bias, difficult conversations, inclusive teams, or something else, evoke designs programs informed by foundational theories that meet a variety of learner needs.


Our custom programs do more than just check the proverbial box. They will help you to:

  • Empower individual employees and teams

  • Improve performance and outcomes

  • Measure your ROI



How It Works:


From needs assessment to delivery to evaluation, we'll collaborate to build a solid program with measurable return on investment and expectation.

Virtual workshop facilitation

Designing Virtual Training

Redesigning Learning Experiences for Virtual Environments

Service 3

By June 2020, more than 70% of organizations in North America had turned to virtual delivery as a sustainable alternative to face-to-face learning.


We have the expertise and experience to transform your training programs to any virtual or online platform. Let us work with you to deliver a virtual training program that boosts performance exponentially and is as effective as the in-person experience.


How It Works: 


Following proven methodology, we’ll assess your existing content, provide design and delivery inputs, find innovative implementation solutions, and evaluate the results. Talk to us. We’re listening.

49.	certified management consultant

Business Management Consultants

Management Consulting

Service 4

Any cohesive leadership team needs the right tools to manage efficiently and guide their teams to success. Many teams struggle without the right plan, vision, and eye for identifying gaps in performance.


We will help you understand when to lead others and when to let others lead. As certified management consultants, we can support your critical leadership skills, goals, and team development. Our range of facilitated offerings includes:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Group Consensus Workshops

  • Change Management Solutions

  • Design Thinking Workshops



How It Works:


Talk to us. We are listening. We'll select the appropriate tools in our group development toolkit that can support you and your leadership team when you need us the most.

Service 5
board governance training

Board Leadership Training Toronto

Strengthening Board Governance

It may be time to start training your Board of Directors. Governance is a critical and often overlooked aspect of how organizations set direction and provide oversight.


For the past 20 years, evoke has cultivated the best tools and approaches by working around the world with all types of governance models. We've have sat on both sides of the boardroom table–both as management and Board members.


By measuring Board and Committee effectiveness and leveraging our expertise, you'll retain benefits, such as:

  • The best individual and collective performance measures and solutions

  • A thriving workplace culture

  • Immediate and long-term increases in organizational performance



How It Works:


Reach out to us to discuss the types of services we can provide, including:

  • Board Performance Reviews

  • Board and Director Training Needs Assessments

  • Board Policy Reviews

  • Board and Director Training Programs

team building facilitator

Team Building Facilitators

Team Building

Service 6

Harvard Business Review relates that today's teams are more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic than ever before. Nevertheless, successful group collaboration still hinges on a core set of fundamentals, including trust, respect, and mutual accountability.


We empower your employees to move from individual contributors to a cohesive and high functioning team by offering services to strengthen individual and group development, such as:

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments & Team Training

  • EQ360 Assessments and Coaching

  • Insights Personality Type Evaluator and Training

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • And more!



How It Works:


After assessing your needs, we'll provide consulting, facilitation, and training services that will take your team to the next level.

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Team, Workshop, & Meeting Facilitators

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